FIBRE INTERNET bigLink offers a wide variety of plans to suit any need, all from our super fast 100% fibre network.
Fibre Internet 50 50 Mbps
$ 69.95 /mo
50 Mbps Download
50 Mbps Upload
(2 Year term rate)
Fibre Internet 150 150 Mbps
$ 84.95 /mo
150 Mbps Download
150 Mbps Upload
(2 Year term rate)
Fibre Internet 300 300 Mbps
$ 99.95 /mo
300 Mbps Download
300 Mbps Upload
(2 Year term rate)
Fibre Internet 500 500 Mbps
$ 114.95 /mo
500 Mbps Download
500 Mbps Upload
(2 Year term rate)
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A NEW WAY TO CONNECT | ULTRA FAST AND RELIABLE With bigLink, your home will be connected with the future. Ultra fast fibre-to-the-home and advanced WiFi are now available!
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